Alliance has been a long-term resource for training in new technologies and IT certifications. With AT&T’s launch of their 2020 initiative, it has prompted a wide range of requests for the Alliance to provide training. A goal was established to develop training track/paths leading to employment opportunities in the IP bases AT&T 2020 network.

Three stage development process:

  1. Prototype technology training tracks were developed by Alliance trainers
    and instructional designers (using AT&T Network Operations source material.
  2. SME’s across AT&T were interviewed to glean feedback on the relevance and quality of the training tracks.
  3. On-site focus groups were conducted at local sites to validate the SME input and collect additional information from the operational perspective.

2020 Technologies Training Program – Overview

  • Five Technology Training Tracks supported by Three Foundation Courses (see chart below).
  • This Program is structured as an academic model – with trainees progressing from the Foundation up thru higher level courses.
  • Testing, certificates and certifications are built into the program to ensure trainees earn credentials marking their achievements.
  • Focus of Phase 1 of this Alliance Program
  • Essential to understanding 2020 technologies and preparing for higher level courses
  • Enhance Troubleshooting skills by broadening knowledge of network components and how they link together
  • Required for Alliance Certificate(s)
  • Focus of Phase 1 of this Alliance Program
  • Seven courses which provide technical level knowledge of 2020 technologies
  • First step of career tracks and building blocks for higher level industry and product certification training
  • Combined with Foundation Courses lead to Alliance Technology Certificate(s)
  • Level 2 and above progress up to Tech Specialist in each technology track with training comprised primarily of Industry and Product certifications.
  • The Fiber track is a series of hands-on certifications and does not overlap with the other technology tracks.
  • The VoIP, Wireless, Cloud and Network track share some certification training and are all expected to evolve over the few years as decisions are made about specific software within the network.
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